What do I get when I buy a DVD item?

A: When you buy a DVD in RCD, you are buying only the disc, no cover art printed and no case included, we provide a link to download cover art (JPG File) high resolution files with a perfect size to fit in a regular DVD case.


What is the return policy?

A: If you have any problem or just you don’t like the DVD, just contact us and we can replace the item or if you want a refund, we can refund your money.


What Payment Method Accept RCD?

A: RCD accept the next payment method:

Credit Card:



American Express


Debit Cards with Visa or MasterCard logos

Offline Payment:

Money Orders (Domestics and International)

Personal Check (Only US buyers)

Western Union (Electronic Money Transfer) www.westernunion.com



How long does shipping take before I receive my order? Do you ship internationally?

A: We process and ship all orders within 2-3 business days after payment is received. Depending on where you live and what shipping method you chose, see above.


We offer domestic shipping to United States and international shipping to any country around the world, see estimate delivery time below.

Shipping cost to United States (Insurance Is Included):


- 1st class mail Delivered 5-7 Business days (Ship out 2-3 Business days)

- Priority mail Delivered 2-3 Business days (Ship out 2-3 Business days)

Shipping cost to any international Location Included Canada (Insurance Is Included):


- 1st class international mail Delivered 8-12 Business days (Ship out 2-3 Business days)


 How much is your shipping cost?

Click on the link:     Shipping Rates


I can't play the DVD I purchased. What can I do to solve the problem?

A: please follow the suggestions below to resolve the problem

- Check the DVD in your computer and or a different DVD player just to be sure the DVD is defective or is a compatibility problem, usually if the DVD is works perfect in your computer is because the DVD is PAL (Europe Format).

- Go to the item description and check if you bought a DVD NTSC or PAL

- If the DVD is defected please contact us to replace the DVD with no extra cost, you don't need to send the DVD back (always included your order number)


What is the different between Audience shot and Professional-shot DVD?

A: Audience shot (Aud-Shot) are concerts recorded by fans with a single camera.

Professional shot (Pro-Shot) are concerts recorded professionally with multiple cameras.


What you mean with Quality Rating?

A: Each DVD concert in RCD has a different quality, for this reason we give a quality rating, this is the way to help to our customers to choose the quality that they are looking for in a DVD, keeping in mind all those DVDs are made by fans with home equipment and software, from all eras.      See quality rating


What means NTSC and PAL format?

A: Most countries in North and South America, including the US and Canada, utilize the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) format, while Europe, Australia and parts of Asia use a competing format called Phase Alternating Line (PAL).

Each DVD description include the DVD format available, if you live in US or Canada you need to choose only NTSC DVDs and if you live in Europe, Australia you need PAL format, but if you have a multi-region DVD player, you can choose any format.


Why you don’t offer printed cover art and case?

A: The main reason is to keep the DVD cost and shipping cost low.

I have problems to printing cover art, what can I do?

A: Need help to download or printing cover art, click on the links below to download a PDF file with help.


How to Download Cover Art?

1. When you paid your order, check your email, you have to receive an email with your new order status (Order # processed) that email contain a links to download cover art, the link will be provided only if you buy DVDs from us, and link is good only for 15 days.

2. All cover was added by bands latter from A – Z, just brows by Bands first letter example: (Kiss Live Montreal 1983) will be under the folder "K" then folder "Kiss” or The Best AOR & Hard Rock Video Collection will be on the folder "T" then Folder “The best AOR...”


Need help to download or printing cover art, click on the links below to download a PDF file with help.

Download PDF