CROSBY STILLS & NASH Live Compilation 1985 - 1997 DVD

Price: $7.99

Live Compilation 1985 - 1997 DVD

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professional Shot (Multi Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 8.0
Menus: Yes
Chapter Selection: Yes
Widescreen: No
HD: No
Total Running Time: 80 Min.

01.Teach Your Children, Live Aid 1985
02.Daylight Again, Live Aid 1985
03.Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Live Aid 1985
04.Innocent Eyes, American Bandstand 1986
05.Over The Wall, American Bandstand 1986
06.Innocent Eyes, Tonight Show 1986
07.Southern Cross, Tonight Show 1987
08.Teach Your Children, Tonight Show 1987
09.Drive My Car, Arsenio Hall 1989
10.Monkey and the Underdog, Arsenio Hall 1989
11.Teach Your Children, Earth 1990
12.Haven't We Had Enough, Into the Night 1990
13.Find A Dream, Tonight Show 1991
14.As I Come Of Age, Late Night 1991
15.Tribute to Harry Chapin 1991
16.Love The One Your With, Dennis Miller 1992
17.For What It's Worth, Dennis Miller 1992
18.Find the Cost of Freedom, American Music Awards 1993
19.Hero, Arsenio Hall 1993
20.For What It's Worth, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame 1997
21.Wooden Ships, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame 1997.